HIPAA Training – Making HIPAA Work For You

Join Security and Privacy expert Adam Bullian of QI Express as he conducts a HIPAA training for medical interpreters.  This training covers essential items like when and how to use patient information, how to keep patient information safe, incident response, what is PHI among other items.

HIPAA Introduction and Why It Is Important

In this webinar, join experts from QI Express to get an introduction on HIPAA.  Learn what it is, but also why it is important for all organizations to implement privacy and security safeguards.  Also covered are actionable steps you can take to implement effective safeguards within your organization.

How To Reduce The Risk of a Data Breach

In this webinar, join experts from QI Express to learn how to mitigate the risks of a data breach within your organizations.  Topics include where the risks are coming from, is ransomware a breach, how to protect your organization and whether breach insurance is worth the investment.

Increase Your Security:  Conducting Business Associate Audits

In this webinar, join experts from QI Express to learn more about HIPAA audits for covered entities and business associates. Topics discussed include how to prepare for audits, what auditors are looking for, and how to manage your business associates.

Lessons Learned From $400k FQHC HIPAA Breach

Join experts from QI Express to dive deep into the largest HIPAA fine levied against a FQHC.  Learn what happened at this health center that lead to a breach, but also what you can do to prevent a similar breach at your organization.

Risk Assessment and Remediation Webinar

In this webinar learn how the step-by-step process to conduct a security risk assessment and complete necessary remediation.

Preventing and Defending Against Ransomware Attacks

Join experts Robert Zimmerman and Eric Hummel as they discuss multiple aspects of ransomware attacks in the healthcare industry. They discuss what ransomware is, how to prevent an attack, and what to do if your organization is the victim of an attack.

Preparing for HIPAA Audits

Join HIPAA experts Robert Zimmerman and Adam Bullian as they outline the HIPAA audit program now underway. They guide viewers through that to expect from this round of audits, and what the auditors are looking for. They also explain what you can do now to prepare for a successful audit.

HIPAA For Business Associates

Join the experts from HIPAA HITECH Express as they discuss HIPAA from the perspective of Business Associates. Topics addressed include determining if you are a Business Associate, drafting and negotiating Business Associate Agreements, and the competitive advantages of HIPAA compliance.

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