What is a HIPAA Audit Readiness Diagnostic?
A HIPAA “risk assessment” or Readiness Diagnostic is a critical part of HIPAA compliance. It helps you identify security and privacy vulnerabilities within your organization, so you can reduce risk and preserve patient confidence.
Who will see my results?

Only you.  We don’t share your results with anyone…ever.

If your answers identify critical risk to the protected health information (PHI), we can provide you with next steps and a customized roadmap to remediate risks and organizational vulnerabilities.

What is considered a good score?

The closer your score is to zero, the less HIPAA security and privacy risk your organization has. Each risk is rated, showing you where your greatest exposure lies.

What's next?

Once you have identified the vulnerabilities within your organization the next step is to prioritized those based on the risk they pose. Once that is complete, you can begin a prioritized remediation process to eliminate or mitigate the vulnerabilities identified.

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