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Whether environmental, operational, or IT related, security risks continue to grow. Your organization is entrusted with the well-being of patients and the safekeeping of all Protected Health Information. Your business could suffer significant business disruption, financial loss, and legal consequences if unprepared. During an emergency, resources we all expect like fire, public safety, water and power, and transportation may be disrupted

A good emergency preparedness will help prevent:


Patients going without critical medical supplies.


Critical clinicians and staff not being available when needed


Organization disruption until required resources are available


Long term reputational and financial damage

HIPAA CMS compliance healthcare cybersecurity

State and federal regulations now require you to prepare and demonstrate your readiness. In order to become licensed or properly reimbursed, a tested emergency preparedness plan is nessesary. Healthcare organizations of all types must ensure patient well-being at all times and secure their patient information. Emergency readiness should be one of your top priorities.


Our proven and automated approach can quickly get your business secure, prepared, and auditable. It will drive you through the emergency preparedness process and cover all CMS required documents


Completed Risk Assessment


Comprehensive Policies and Procedures


Flexible Communication Plan


Trained Staff and Tested Plans

assessment plan education management PHI

If you need assistance, our coaches are there to facilitate and help ensure required activities are completed timely.

Emergency Preparedness is understanding all risks, what priorities to set, how to ensure that the staff is trained and available, t critical infrastructure, medical devices, and information technology is identified, and most importantly what medical supplies are needed. We can help you prepare and prevent emergencies to limit the effect on your organization, staff, and those that you care for.  

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