Business Associates

Being HIPAA Compliant can have significant benefits for your business. It can help attract new business, increase revenue potential, and protect from fines and a damaged reputation.

Business Associates no longer have to stress over the process of becoming compliant. Business Associate Express will save you time and money while guiding you through everything you need.

It’s been tailored for the unique needs of any type of Business Associates. It contains everything you need to meet the HIPAA requirements, including completing a security risk assessment, developing policies and procedures, remediating critical security gaps, and executing Business Associate Agreements. There is even a template for every type of document needed. This reduces ongoing compliance costs and gets you ready for auditors.

Healthcare organizations of all types are overwhelmed with their day to day operational activities and an increasing and time consuming regulatory burden. They are looking for compliance solutions that can make their job easier and provide potential revenue enhancements and cost reductions. HIPAA HITECH Express security solution is easy to understand, implement and use. Even better yet it is priced right, which makes it easy to see a positive ROI. I would recommend HIPAA HITECH Express to any organization looking to attain a competitive advantage and reduce risk by being HIPAA compliant.

Dr. Jeffrey Hausfeld

Clinician, Medical Collections Company Executive

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