HIMSS 2016

HIMSS 2016

Robert Zimmerman of QIP Solutions, along with John Kornack from the University of Maryland, presented at HIMSS 2016 in Las Vegas. The presentation, given to a standing room audience only, was on Telemedicine in Rural Areas: Risk and Rewards. This very interactive session covered practical ideas, solutions and best practices supported by a case study and project experiences. Key discussion points included key telemedicine implementation steps, communication technology limitations, security and privacy considerations and lessons learned.

Security Risk Assessments: Why your Healthcare Organization needs to have one in place

Healthcare organizations continue to struggle in meeting regulatory requirements and securing their organization. HIPAA HITECH Express was developed to change the paradigm that security and privacy implementation and compliance had to be difficult and costly. HIPAA HITECH Express is providing healthcare related organizations of all types the ability to reduce risk, gain a competitive advantage, and generate more revenue. Now, HIPAA HITECH Express is undergoing several updates aimed at enhancing current functions to make security and privacy initiatives even simpler and more efficient moving forward.

In an effort to help current and future customers alike, these advancements will make the current functionalities much more engaging and easier to use. Specifically, the updates focus on the risk assessment feature and the document repository.

The risk assessment provides the universe of common information technology risks that a healthcare organization may have, and takes away the guess work and extra time out of the process. Thus, risk assessments can be completed in just days as opposed to weeks or months.

“This is something that our partners couldn’t be happier about,” stated CEO Robert Zimmerman. Zimmerman went on to say, “Completing a risk assessment is key to security and privacy compliance, and until now this has been a difficult process at best.”

“The integrated risk assessment saves both my clients and I substantial time, and lets us focus our energies on remediating key IT risks,” said Susan Pretnar, KeySys Health President and user of HIPAA HITECH Express.

The second major update is to the document repository. The changes to the document repository give the user the ultimate freedom to tailor the process of categorizing information in a way that is most conducive to that of a successful operation. In the most opportune circumstance, the document repository can now serve as a one stop regulatory compliance repository for organizations, as opposed to having a variety of documents in a plethora of places that are hard to keep track of and manage.

As a result of this update to the document repository, more time will be saved, information requests can be easily processed and stress will be alleviated for those charged with the task of overseeing document organization.

These changes are just the tip of the iceberg. 2016 is shaping up to be a big year for HIPAA HITECH Express, so it is only right that the year start off with great advancements that will make healthcare organizations lives easier and reduce stress.

“We continue to enhance the HIPAA HITECH Express solution to make it easier to use and give our clients a competitive edge,” said Eric Hummel, CTO of QI Express.

HIPAA HITECH Express continues to revolutionize security compliance.

For more information on all the latest in regards to HIPAA HITECH Express, visit our homepage at qiexpress.com. Click here to get a PDF copy of press release.

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QIP Solutions Announces Partnership With California Primary Care Association

QIP Solutions Announces Partnership With California Primary Care Association

QIP partners with CPCA to offer HIPAA compliance solutions to community clinics and health centers.

Washington, DC October 9, 2015

QIP Solutions (QIP), the creator of HIPAA HITECH Express (HHE) announces today a partnership with the California Primary Care Foundation (CPCA) to offer HIPAA compliance and security risk management solutions to community health centers and clinics throughout the state.

The California HealthCare Foundation (CHCF) and CPCA are jointly undertaking this initiative as part of a special, dedicated fund to strengthen health care providers’ HIPAA compliance and data security awareness and implementation.  HHE is currently being used in FQHCs and other health organizations, including county behavioral health agencies in California.  CHCF and CPCA chose HHE because of its ease of use, comprehensiveness and affordability.

Initially, CPCA will identify two to three clinics to participate in a pilot of HHE, with a wider rollout expected in early 2016.

“We believe it is time to change the paradigm that risk management and security safeguards have to be challenging and cost prohibitive” said QIP CEO Robert Zimmerman. “We are very excited about our partnership with CPCA because it means not only will more community clinics and health centers have robust risk management plans, but it also means sensitive data will be more secure.”

QIP Solutions is the industry leader in healthcare compliance software as a solution tools. With its national network of partners, QIP guides compliance in HIPAA (privacy, security, and breach notification requirements), NCQA certification standards for Patient Centered Medical Homes recognition, and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (“OSHA”) requirements. The QIP suite of solutions allows healthcare organizations, and their partners, to efficiently and cost effectively meet compliance and certification requirements. Learn more at www.qiexpress.com.

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