Preparing for HIPAA Audits Webinar

Join HIPAA experts Robert Zimmerman and Adam Bullian as they outline the HIPAA audit program now underway. They guide viewers through that to expect from this round of audits, and what the auditors are looking for. They also explain what you can do now to prepare for a successful audit.

Topics include,

  • How to prepare now for audit success;
  • The key aspects of HIPAA you should focus on before an audit;
  • What you can do to limit disruptions during an audit; and
  • What the auditors are looking for.
HIMSS 2016

HIMSS 2016

Robert Zimmerman of QIP Solutions, along with John Kornack from the University of Maryland, presented at HIMSS 2016 in Las Vegas. The presentation, given to a standing room audience only, was on Telemedicine in Rural Areas: Risk and Rewards. This very interactive session covered practical ideas, solutions and best practices supported by a case study and project experiences. Key discussion points included key telemedicine implementation steps, communication technology limitations, security and privacy considerations and lessons learned.

HIPAA For Business Associates

HIPAA For Business Associates

Recent studies state that the cost of a healthcare breach is $363 per record and the average total cost per breach was $5.9 million in 2014. 

To take advantage of the exploding opportunities in health care you need to be HIPAA compliant.  Our webinar focused on HIPAA for Business Associates will help you understand how you can achieve a complete and auditable level of compliance quickly and cost effectively.

Join the experts from HIPAA HITECH Express as they discuss HIPAA from the perspective of Business Associates. In just 60 minutes they explain how you can reduce risk and position yourself for additional business opportunities. Topics addressed include determining if you are a Business Associate, drafting and negotiating Business Associate Agreements, and the competitive advantages of HIPAA compliance.



Robert Zimmerman – CEO & Co-Founder of QIP Solutions
IT Development, Audit and Compliance, Deloitte Risk Management Leader

Adam Bullian – JD, COO of QIP Solutions
HIPAA Privacy and Business Associate Expert

Nancy Hughes – Business Development Specialist Sync Now
Nancy is a member of Healthcare Financial Management Association, the Medical Group Management Association and the National Association of Professional Women.

Dr. Jeffrey Hausfeld – MD, MBA, FACS Managing Director, FMS Financial Solutions


HIPAA Business Associate Management Webinar

HIPAA Business Associate Management Webinar

Business Associates play an essential role in helping your organization run smoothly. Business Associate Management is a HIPAA requirement, but it is also one of the most complicated tasks facing clinics and providers. In just 60 minutes Robert Zimmerman and Adam Bullian of QIP Solutions  explain how to manage Business Associates and reduce your risk. Topics include:

  • Identifying Business Associates;
  • Negotiating and Executing Business Associate Agreements;
  • Monitoring Business Associate Compliance; and
  • What auditors are looking for.

Click Here to Watch HIPAA Business Associate Management Webinar


Robert Zimmerman – CEO & Co-Founder of QIP Solutions, IT Development, Audit and Compliance, Deloitte Risk Management Leader

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Adam Bullian – JD, COO of QIP Solutions HIPAA, HIPAA Privacy and Business Associate Expert

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QIP Solutions: Who We Are


(Rockville, Maryland)— Healthcare providers are one lost-or-stolen laptop, tablet or smartphone away from a data-theft nightmare. And they’re faced with increasingly stringent federal regulations that require health data security. HIPAA HITECH Express offers providers a simple solution for overcoming those fears.

HIPAA HITECH Express is an all-in-one, end-to-end, easy-to-use software tool that gives providers everything they could possibly need to become compliant and ready for an audit and regulatory review.

Using this software is as simple as using TurboTax. HIPAA HITECH Express:

· Guides providers’ administrative staff through federal privacy and security requirements

· Helps them identify risks and gaps

· Explains how to remediate those issues

· Aids their ongoing compliance and risk management

HIPAA HITECH Express was developed by Rockville, Maryland-based QiP Solutions.

“We’re reducing complexity for providers,” said QiP Solutions CEO and co-founder Robert Zimmerman. “We designed HIPAA HITECH Express to be simple and intuitive, yet comprehensive.” The company is serving an underserved market. “We’re focusing small-to-medium sized provider groups, hospitals and clinics in under-served rural and urban communities,” explained Zimmerman.

Technology is an important component of “meaningful use,” but providers often feel overwhelmed by the burden of assessing, managing and monitoring data security. Having a tool that simplifies compliance and enhances understanding is all the more important since the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) issued final regulations on January 25, 2013, that affect data security provisions in HIPAA (the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act).

“The final rule expanded compliance responsibility to include business associates and exchanges,” explained Zimmerman. “So, the question for providers is not only ‘Are they compliant?’ but also ‘Are all the people in their network compliant?'”

“We do more than just sell subscriptions to our software,” he said. “As a former auditor, I know what to look for. We help people actually get their compliance process going. We take on a ‘virtual security privacy officer’ role for our clients and help them focus on the top priorities — the ‘musts’ — to be secure and protected against a breach.”