Helping Four CPCA Member Clinics Tackle HIPAA Compliance

Helping Four CPCA Member Clinics Tackle HIPAA Compliance

Over the course of a week in February, Robert Zimmerman, Co-Founder and CEO of QI Express (formerly known as QIP Solutions), visited with members of the California Primary Care Association (CPCA). Through a pilot project sponsored by the California Health Care Foundation, QI Express helped four CPCA members become HIPAA compliant the company’s flagship product and methodology: HIPAA HITECH Express.

The HIPAA HITECH Express team partnered with four CPCA-member clinics: Harbor Community Clinic, Tiburcio Vasquez Health Center, Santa Rosa Community Health Centers, and Asian Pacific Health Care Ventures. When starting their partnership with QI Express, each clinic was in a different position when it came to HIPAA compliance, but each of these organizations has seen tremendous progress in implementing security and privacy polices, procedures and processes, and meeting HIPAA compliance standards.

“The HIPAA HITECH EXPRESS team provided us great guidance, especially in the Business Associate and technical requirement areas,” said Kazue Shibata CEO at Asian Pacific Health Care Ventures. “I feel like our organization is on the way to reducing data security and privacy risk.”

Andrea Schwab-Galindo from the Tiburcio Vasquez Health Center added, “HIPAA HITECH Express allowed us to validate our previous HIPAA efforts and add things we were missing. It’s comprehensive, and I learned things I didn’t realize we needed to do.”

Over the course of its partnership with the four clinics, The HIPAA HITECH Express team has worked to help each organization become compliant in a variety of a ways. Starting from square one in some cases,The HIPAA HITECH Express team has made sure that every step in the process of becoming HIPAA compliant is completed.

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