Handleman Conference Center

10280 Old Columbia, Rd, Suite 215, Columbia, MD 21046

Tuesday, August 1, 20179:30 am —11:30 am

Come With Your Questions for This Interactive Session!

We will focus on what a healthcare organization needs to know about the ever increasing cyber security and PHI data breach risk.  In order to assist participants we will identify critical risks, and present examples and case studies to illustrate cost effective and rapid remediation policies, processes and plans that can be implemented in any organization.  Participants will leave with documents and activities that they can utilize in their organizations.

  • The current state of data security in healthcare today
  • Overview of the HIPAA security requirements
  • What are 5 Things you can do to reduce cyber data risk in your organization today
  • Completing a security risk assessment doesn’t have to be overwhelming
  • A 90 day roadmap to a secure and compliant organization
  • A few words on current cyber security hot topics
  • Case Study featuring Ross Fierman, President & Owner of Synergy Home Care
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