Audit and Certification

Are you ready for a HIPAA audit? Are your business partners asking to verify your security readiness? Are you missing out on business opportunities because you are not certified? Relax. You can be both. We’ll show you how.

The audit process helps you protect, verify and prevent risks by:

  • Validating that your organization’s security controls are in place and operational
  • Verifying to your business partners that your organization is HIPAA compliant and that their protected health information (PHI) is secure and protected,
  • Providing point-in-time certification that you have met the HIPAA and other industry security and privacy requirements

This customized security and privacy audit is based on the same federal NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) information security framework and large accounting firm standards that public sector and commercial organizations must meet.

Healthcare organizations of all types are overwhelmed with their day to day operational activities and an increasing and time consuming regulatory burden. The HIPAA HITECH Express security solution is easy to understand, implement and use. Even better yet it is priced right, which makes it easy to see a positive ROI. I would recommend HIPAA HITECH Express to any organization looking to attain a competitive advantage and reduce risk by being HIPAA compliant.

Dr. Jeffrey Hauser

Clinician, Medical Collections Company Executive

SecureTrust is:

  • Comprehensive – includes all required control areas but eliminates duplication and controls not pertinent to small and medium size organizations
  • Controls Based – Prepares you for industry audits like HITRUST and SOC2
  • Requires Evidence – Need to show that policies, procedures and controls designed are also operational and effective
  • Recommends Remediation – Detailed remediation activities are provided to mitigate controls weakness identified

Designed for small and medium size organizations, SecureTrust is easy to follow and understand. And just as important, it is affordable so that smaller organizations can implement the same control structures the large hospitals and health systems use to reduce risk.