Helping your members succeed is at the core of what you do. One of the most challenging things your members are dealing with is security readiness and HIPAA compliance.

Through a partnership with QI Express, you can take the mystery out of cyber security for your members by giving them access to easy-to-use tools and healthcare security subject matter experts.

Deliver added value and help them successfully navigate the web of security and privacy requirements.

QI Express is a turn-key solution for proactive associations looking to provide valuable resources to their members. Partnerships with QI Express include a reduced cost to your members, a dedicated coach for all members, tailored thought leadership resources, and an extensive network of partner associations across the country.

QI Express can help you members develop and implement a HIPAA compliance program, conduct a security risk assessment, conduct HIPAA training for staff, investigate incidents, and respond to a breach. It can definitely be a win-win for your members and you.

Associations we work with

We did a neat project here in California where we partnered with a Healthcare Foundation and QIP Solutions to have 4 different clinic organizations pilot the HIPAA HITECH Express solution. The goal of the project was to test out whether this tool would be a valuable asset in helping safety net health care providers meet HIPAA compliance and improve their data security. The pilot sites’ experiences were overwhelmingly positive and we’re excited to spread the word that this could be a very valuable tool for CHCs across the country.

Emily Shipman

Executive Director, Sr. Program Coordinator

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