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QIP Solutions Meets with HHS to Discuss HIPAA Compliance Challenges

Last week, Robert Zimmerman and Adam Bullian of QIP Solutions met with OCR leadership to discuss the challenges that small to medium sized providers and business associates face understanding and implementing HIPAA security and privacy requirements…

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The HIPAA HITECH EXPRESS team provided us great guidance especially in the Business Associate and technical requirement areas. Kazue Shibata

CEO , Asian Pacific Health Care Ventures

Client Resources

HIPAA Incident vs. HIPAA Breach

In HIPAA it is important to keep in mind the difference between a security incident and a breach. While all breaches were at one time merely an incident, not all incidents are breaches.

HIPAA Audits Officially Underway

Last week health care providers and health plans began receiving requests from the HHS Office of Civil Rights (“OCR”) to produce documentation verifying compliance with HIPAA.

Best Practices in Decommissioning of Equipment and Media

One of the most overlooked but critical aspects of HIPAA compliance is decommissioning equipment and media that contains electronic protected health information (ePHI).

Recent State Amendments Have Significant Impact on HIPAA Compliance

Ransomware, network breaches, and data recovery costing organizations thousands of dollars has prompted states to strengthen their data breach notification requirements.

What To Include In HIPAA Workforce Training

Let’s look at a few key points to consider and include when developing your organization’s HIPAA training content.

Obama Administration Temporarily Waives HIPAA: But Did It Have To Be?

In the aftermath of the shootings in Orlando late Saturday night, President Obama applied a unique waiver to HIPAA — allowing family and friends of the victims to gain quicker access to information about their loved ones.


As security and privacy compliance evolves, so does HIPAA HITECH Express. Our cloud-based solution makes it easier to reduce risk, pass audits and achieve ongoing compliance.

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