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Healthcare is the #1 Target for Cyber Attacks.

Our Simple, Three-Step Security Roadmap to Becoming Secure

Compliance and cybersecurity for healthcare
Compliance and cybersecurity for healthcare
Compliance and cybersecurity for healthcare


We are solution driven, not consultant-driven.


Our Saas-Based, Cloud Solution covers your compliance and security needs from end to end.


It all started when…

Compliance and cybersecurity for healthcare
compliance and cybersecurity for healthcare

We’ve had the pleasure to work with QI Express over the last couple of months. This has truly been an eye-opening experience for us. Their user-friendly, cloud-based system makes it a breeze to go through the assessments, follow a customized work plan, and download any necessary policies and procedures from their comprehensive online template library.Their team does a great job of explaining every step, providing valuable feedback, and recommendations. Even though we thought we were very HIPAA and PHI compliant, we realized throughout our work plan and analysis with QI Express, that we have some vulnerabilities and areas of improvement. They assisted us in putting together a plan, procedures, and policies to help eliminate any risks and threats that pose to our company. We’re extremely grateful for their support, help, and tremendously beneficial program!

Julia Konovalov

Medical Business Partners

Community Health Centers are overwhelmed by day to day operational activities and an increasing regulatory burden. CPCA members really appreciate the ease of use of the QI Express security solution and the level of expertise and availability of the QI Express team.  

Emily Shipman

Director, California Primary Care Association

The QI Express team has provided the highest level of assistance to PHMC clinics improving their security posture and HIPAA HITECH readiness. The technical and project management support has been critical to health center success.

Kathy Foy

Compliance Officer, PHMC


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The KRACK WIFI vulnerability was announced by security researchers and the US-CERT today. This vulnerability can affect every modern WIFI network and has the potential to impact every device that connects to WIFI. If affected, KRACK could allow for any information...

QI Express to Present at 89th Annual AHIMA Convention

The American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) Convention and Exhibit is taking place this year in Los Angeles. This annual five-day conference brings together healthcare professionals to explore the vast world of information technology. The conference...

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