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QIP Solutions Meets with HHS to Discuss HIPAA Compliance Challenges

Last week, Robert Zimmerman and Adam Bullian of QIP Solutions met with OCR leadership to discuss the challenges that small to medium sized providers and business associates face understanding and implementing HIPAA security and privacy requirements…

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The HIPAA HITECH EXPRESS team provided us great guidance especially in the Business Associate and technical requirement areas.

Kazue Shibata

CEO , Asian Pacific Health Care Ventures

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The Three Aspects of a Security Risk Analysis

Completing a security risk analysis (aka a risk assessment) is an essential component of HIPAA compliance and keeping PHI safe.

DIY HIPAA Enforcement

Our focus on HIPAA enforcement is primarily what happens when a breach or suspected breach happens. However, enforcement by the organization itself has the potential of occurring much more frequently because a breach is not required or even suspected.

New Ransomware Attack on the Rise

A report issued last week indicated that a new type of ransomware attack, ‘Locky’, is on the rise and targeting the healthcare industry. The effect of this new ransomware attack is the same as the ones we have been seeing for months. A seemingly benign attachment is downloaded by an unsuspecting user, however, that file begins to encrypt the entire system and any storage volumes that are attached to it.

The Inescapable HIPAA Danger

The largest danger within your organization may be one that you cannot completely eradicate, but can only mitigate. That being the danger from a rogue employee that knowingly and maliciously violates HIPAA.

Lessons Learned From The Largest HIPAA Fine

Last week the Department of Health and Human Services Office for Civil Rights (“OCR”) announced the largest ever fine for HIPAA violations.

The Visitor Conundrum

It is a scenario that plays out countless times daily in hospitals and physicians’ offices across the country; a patient is joined during an examination or treatment by a visitor.


As security and privacy compliance evolves, so does HIPAA HITECH Express. Our cloud-based solution makes it easier to reduce risk, pass audits and achieve ongoing compliance.

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